For a Flat Small Head, Are There Implants That Can Be Inserted to Add Size to the Skull?

I have a very small head and its flat at the top. It doesn't curve up like a normal shaped head so i always puff my hair up to hide it. But I have read there is a procedure that can add size to the head with an implant? Is this done in America and if so how can I find an experience surgeon who has added implants to augment the top of the head?

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Skull Augmentation

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The most effective method to produce permanent expansion would be to use a tissue expander to enlarge the scalp prior to using an implant to augment the surface of the skull. Once the scalp has been expanded to accommodate additional volume, an implant can be used (e.g., silicone, titanium mesh, or bone cement). Injection of bone cements could produce a small increase in skull dimension but not likely one that will result in a significant aesthetic change in your appearance without prior scalp expansion.

Injectable Cranioplasty Can Fix Flat Spot On Head

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Your problem is that the curvature of your skull from the forehead back is flatter than you would aesthetically like. While the historic use of an open cranioplasty or implant could easily improve the skull's shape, the trade-off of a scalp scar (particularly in a male) would not be worth it. But a new technique for cranioplasty now exists that avoids the need for a long scalp scar to introduce a skull-shaping (onlay) material. Using Kryptonite Bone Cement, this material can be injected through a very small incision (10mms) and shaped until set from the outside. This makes the cranioplasty procedure a more appealing option for many patients with small areas of skull flattening that they would like to improve.

Skull reshaping surgery for flat head/Back of head augmentation surgery

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Hello, Thank you for asking question for skull reshaping surgery. Recently, the number of patients who are interested in skull reshaping surgery for flat head significantly increased. Cosmetic surgery for the back of the head using osteobond takes approximately 30~40 minutes and is performed by making 3-4cm incision on the upper portion of the scalp. If the back of the head is flat without sense of volume, portion of the back of the head is substantially sunk, or the head appears to be dented due to severe asymmetry, this surgical procedure can modify such into symmetrical and appropriately voluminous back head.

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Cranial Implants Can be used to modifiy head shape

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You should go to a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a fellowship in craniofacial surgery. There are implants that can be placed beneath your scalp and even filler agents that can do the same for more minor deformities

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