Can I do anything to fix my jawline after braces? (photo)

I'm 19 and I used to have really bad teeth, I had braces for two phases and I'm mostly happy with them besides the fact it looks like I have what I believe is an open-bite still? Anyways, I hate my profile and I feel it looks like I have no jaw definition and I was wondering if there was anyway to fix it? I also think I might have a TMJ problem because my jaw makes a snapping sound when I yawn and gets sore. I'm not sure if that should affect my decision or not. Thank you.

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you are correct in that the orthodontist is not correcting your open bite and 'overbite' for some reason. Your growth pattern has a smaller lower jaw and it is also 'narrow', leading to the lack of definition of the actual boney jawline.

You can leave the bite 'as is' if you wish and augment the jawline with a chin surgery combined with ramal/back of jaw augmentation. Some liposculpture can also assist create more definition for you, as well. See web site for images to demonstrate the change

Hope information helps you understand the potential

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Neck liposuction and genioplasty

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I still see some teeth issues in those pictures, but as you are happy wiyh your teeth, You may now consider a neck liposuction to remove the fat under lower jaw and neck to get good jaw line. To further improve the jaw line you may consider a genioplasty(chin surgery). Genioplasty also decreases the verticle height of the lower third of your face.

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