Is it possible to fix a hole in a tooth near the gum line when the rest of the tooth is intact?

I have a bottom tooth front and center in my mouth that felt like it had something stuck in it near the gum line, so I reach in the pick it out and out came a chunk of tooth. The whole tooth is still attached and not even loose, there is just a hole near the gum line facing the inside of my mouth. Are my teeth rotting? I have no idea what it is going to entail to fix such a thing.

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Tooth repair for a cavity.

Yes, a hole or cavity can happen next to the gum line and can even extend under the gum line. Those cavities can be treated with fillings. Get a dental exam to determine the condition of the tooth and to start treatment. Good luck. 

Is it possible to fix a hole in a tooth near the gum line when the rest of the tooth is intact?

It is probably either a gum line cavity (decay) or something called an "abfraction" cavity (caused by clenching or grinding your teeth).  Either of these two types of cavities can usually be easily be filled with a bonded tooth colored filling material.  If keeping your tooth and not getting a toothache is important to you, then it is best for you to see your dentist to have him/her actually diagnose exactly what is going on with your tooth and recommend appropriate treatment.

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Hole in tooth near gum line... #DrSoftTouch

Based on your description of events, I would strongly encourage you to get a dental examination as soon as possible.  From the sound of things, it appears that your tooth is decaying and you will likely need the cavity fixed and a crown placed to protect the tooth.  Your alternative is to do nothing and wait for painful symptoms, which will probably lead to a root canal or extraction.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
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It is very possible that you have decay in this tooth.  It is important that you see a dentist soon who can accurately evaluate the tooth and let you know what needs to be done to fix it.  The longer you wait to do this the more likely treatment will become more involved so I would encourage you to see a dentist soon.  Good luck

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