How Do I Fix Off-centerd Teeth? (photo)

I've had this problem throughout my life and I've had people point it out to me (so it must be really noticeable). It seems like my top teeth is shifted to the right. So the front two teeth do not center with the middle of my lips/nose. It makes me look dorky sometimes. Is there any possible treatments for it?

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You will braces to correct such a large shift of your teeth.

I do not think you can correct this with anything other than braces. It will take a long time too. Why are the teeth shifted so much? Missing a tooth on that side? So the teeth would be shifted over (may need to create space on the left to shift the teeth over) and then a space would open up on the right side which would have to be restored with an implant. I don't think you can shift all the teeth over from the last tooth to the last tooth. Its an anchorage problem and would take forever.

If you tried to do this with only veneers or crowns it would be a lot of grinding on your teeth with the possibility of hitting the nerve and needing root canals, and still the midline would not be in the middle. It would be improved but not in the middle and your teeth are now ground down. Bite the bullet and do the braces.

Invisalign will not work with this.

Good luck

Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

How To Fix Off-Centered Teeth

Yes, your teeth have definitely shifted way to the right. You probably had some extractions done on 1 side (right) a while ago that might have been the cause of the shift. Depending on what the rest of your occlusion (the way the upper and lower teeth meet eachother) is, you might be able to do Porcelain Veneers on at least 6-8 of your upper anterior teeth in order to restore the midline much closer to its original. Alternatively, you might have to do full traditional orthodontics. I don't believe that Invisalign would be able to move the teeth as much as necessary.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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