What Procedure Will It Take for my Chipped Tooth to Look Normal Under a Black Light Again?

I had my #9 tooth chipped nearly in 1/2 at 20 I'm looking for a more permanent fix. I want to do as little damage as possible considering my age. I have very healthy natural teeth and a great smile. This tooth picks up different light and becomes very obvious to the naked eye. I know the root was exposed and a direct pulp was performed due to the exposure. I work under a black light and the damage is horrific. What procedure will make my teeth look natural under a black light and all lights?

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Need special porcelain for tooth to look normal under black light

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Your will need a porcelain restoration that mimics a natural tooth under a black light. Not all porcelains do this, so the lab technician needs to be informed.

If your tooth had a root canal or is dark underneath, then most likely a crown will be needed, if not then a venner may do. Veneers require less grinding on the tooth. It will be very difficult to match it to the adjacent front tooth, so some people recommend to do both, but this is more costly and requires grinding on a healthy tooth. If the adjacent tooth needs improving then fine, However it the adjacent tooth is intact and your are happy with the way it looks, I would then just do the one but it will be more expensive (less than both) due to having to do several try-ins. I suggest you bring a black light in for your try-ins to be sure.

Good luck

Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

How to Make a Chipped Tooth Look Normal Under Black Light

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You probably had standeard acrylic bonding done many years ago. In order for your 2 front teeth (#8 & #9) to look similar under ANY lighting condition, they should BOTH be Veneered with the same PORCELAIN material. Every material reflects light differently, so BOTH teeth should be restored simultaneously, so that the laboratory can make them both of the same exact material.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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