Fish Oil Injections for Breast Growth?

Is it true you can have fish oil injected in the breast to make them lager ? If so are there any side effects?

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Bigger breast fishy?

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Thanks for sharing. The most predictable way to enlarge your breasts is by using breast implants. There's no evidence to support fish oil. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo Guerra.

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Injecting Fish Oils for Breast Augmentation

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    I have been on the receiving end of patients having injections of all kinds of things in many different parts of the body.  I would recommend only breast implants or fat grafting.  Other unapproved things carry risks, and there are sometimes no good answers on how to fix problems associated with injections of various materials.

Injecting Strange Materials for Breast Enlargement

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Funny how urban myths can assume credibility. As my colleagues below and above have / will state, the only known safe materials to make a human breast bigger are gel or saline implants, or your own transplanted fat. 


Dan Downey MD FACS

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Dan Downey, MD
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Fish oil injections for breast growth

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Whoever told you this is wrong and possibly dangerous. DO NOT get fish oil injection into your breasts. There is no approved substance that has ever been scientifically determined to safely enhance breast growth. Some recent studies suggest that fat from other parts of your body can be safely and effectively transferred to your breasts to augment them, but this is a volume effect, not a biologic effect.


Daniel A. Medalie, MD


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I have never heard of fish oil to make your breast bigger. You need to make sure your get the real facts. Look into Breast implants


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Fish oil

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I have never heard of this!!! Sounds very very fishy to me!!! Run away as far and as fast as you can

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Injection of Foreign Substances Carries Great Risk

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The injection of foreign substances like fish oil, wax and silicone into the breast carries great risk of harm.  These procedures in some cases have been tried historically by doctors many years ago and long abandonded as a result of the severe and often life threatening complications.  Foreign substances tend to cause reactions leading to scarring or granulomas which can be disfiguring.  There is also a chance of life threatening infections and embolization (getting into a blood vessel and lodging somewhere else like the lungs).  This type of procedure would not be recommended at this time by any credible Plastic Surgeon.  Fat transfer to the breast is the only similar procedure that is currently being performed.  It has some limitation, but generally works well and is safe. You should refer to the American Society of Plastic Surgery position statement on Fat Transfer to the Breast for further information and details.  Be safe!

Never inject fish oil into the breast for augmentation

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If someone wants to inject a foreign substance into your breasts run away as fast as possible and consider reporting this to local medical board.  I can think of nothing good that could happen if fish oil was injected into the breast.  There are numerous reports of food grade silicone being injected into the breasts by non plastic surgeons or non physicians, silicone is an oil, it diffuses throughout the breast and causes numerous problems such as infection and granulomas.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Fish oil injections?

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ok, let's just take a step back for a second and think about this.  If it doesn't really sound like a good idea (and it shouldn't in this case!) then it probably is not.  In this case, ABSOLUTELY NOT.  There are two ways to augment the breast:  breast augmentation with implants - a method that has been around for more than forty years and a much newer technique utilizing fat grafting.  A patient's own fat tissue is the only thing that can be injected into the breast (when performed with a very careful technique) for augmentation purposes.

Fish oil or estrange materials injections for breast augmentation

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Patients should be aware that nothing is approved for breast enlargement  except Silicone or Saline Implants and Fat Grafting (patients own fat transferred) Any other product involves potential danger.    I have heard several products offered by charlatans to give volume in tissues but never fish oil . Thanks for your question.  If you wish  breast enhancement look for a Certified Plastic Surgeon in you area. 

Best     Dr. R. Vega      Tijuana, Mexico


Ricardo Vega, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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