How Firm Will Butt Be After Brazilian Butt Lift?

If I get a Brazilian butt lift, will my butt be loose or firm?

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After a Brazilian Butt Lift- Great Shape, Soft feel

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After a Brazilian Butt lift, you can expect to have shapely new curves but beautiful contour and the soft feel of butt. The fat that will be grafted to your butt will not have a hard feel of muscle. After a Brazilian Butt lift you can maintain your beautiful new curves with a healthy exercise regimen and a balanced diet.

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How buttocks feel after Brazilian Butt Lift

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After Brazilian Butt Lift, the feel of the butt should be a natural feel of fat.

But it can feel firm if the skin is good, the buttock is firm, and not "flabby." It also depends on the volume that is transfered. The more fat transferred, the firmer the buttocks.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Firm Brazilian Butt Lift result

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The nice thing about the Brazilian Butt Lift is that it feels 100% natural. Whether it is firm or loose depends on your natural buttocks tissues. If it was originally firm, but is now deflated, then it will hopefully be firm again.  The more fat injected, typically the more firm it will feel.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

The firmness or looseness of the Brazilian Butt Lift

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This depends on several factors such as:

  1. Skin laxity
  2. Volume of fat transferred
  3. Dermal retaining ligaments
  4. Viability of transferred fat

If you have loose skin and modest amounts of fat are transferred with only partial viability, it is likely you buttock will remain loose.

If, however, your skin is densely attached to the buttock muscles and large amounts of fat are transferred that successfully survives, it is possible you will have a relatively firm buttock.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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How firm will my butt be after Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Hi there-

The density of the tissues and the tightness/thickness of the skin is what will largely determine the feel of the butt after Brazilian Butt Lift, but in general, it does make sense that when you add filler (in the form of your fat) to the butt, it does plump up the skin and tissues, making the skin look more firm and the butt feel more youthful. This, of course is part of the appeal of the surgery... the butt looks and feels younger and better, and it is a permanent improvement!

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