Can you do filler and Pelleve treatments for under eye wrinkles/tear trough

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Filler and pelleve?

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The answer is yes. However, I usually do the pelleve first and the filler afterward, and do not perform Pelleve for three weeks after a filler has been placed in the area to be treated.

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Pelleve & Filler for under eyes

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Hello & thank you for your question!

You absolutely can, my personal opinion would be that you do pelleve before filler (you can do this on same day even) and then if you have filler injected you must wait at least 3/4 weeks before you have another pelleve treatment on that area again.

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Pelleve and filler under eyes

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Pelleve should be used first for crepey skin/wrinkles around the eyes.  A series of 3 treatments are recommended 4 weeks apart.  Then I would consider a hyaluronic acid based filler such as Restylane in the hollows under the eyes. Discuss this with your aesthetic physician.

Debra M. Kroll, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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