I Have Multiple Fibroadenomas in My Breasts, am I a Candidate for a Breast Reduction or Lift?

there are 2 fibroadenomas in the left breast which is bigger than the right one. is it dangerous if i have a breast reduction/lift operation? also, can a plastic surgeon remove the fibroadenomas during the operation?

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The only way to know if they lumps are fibroadenomas, they would have to be excised.  See a breast surgeon first.

See a breast surgeon

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Sounds like your breast need to be evaluated by a breast surgeon first. No one knows it is a fibroadenoma without removing it first.

Breast Reduction and Fibroadenomas?

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Thank you for the question.

Fibroadenoma's are very common benign lesions of the breasts.  Their presence will not  be a contraindication or necessarily complicate breast reduction or breast lifting surgery. If the lesions are palpable,  they may be removed during the breast reduction procedure.  This is especially true if they are located in the “zone of surgery”.

Make sure that you have had all concerning lesions worked up prior to elective breast surgery.

Best wishes.

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