I Am a Female but Feel Like I Need Feminization Surgery. Specifically Brow Bossing and Jaw Reduction? (photo)

I have a significant brow bossing and my eyebrows look very low, people ALWAYS think I'm mad I get input at least once a day. So I usually have my eyebrows raised constantly Because it doesn't make my eyes look so low. My face also look weird from the side, flat in some way? And my jaw is very square and manly. Please let me know what would be my best options to fix these things and also any other features on my face that seem too manly or that could just be fixed.

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Brow Bossing and Jaw Reduction

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Your request for facial contouring is more common than you may think.  Creating a slimmer and more defined jawline can be addressed non-surgically or surgically.  Depending on how much frontal bossing you have, a couple of different options exist to help enhance that area.  The facial flatness you mention is very common and can be easily addressed.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Feminization of female

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Your eyebrows are in 2 different positions from the photos you submitted. Are you Asian? Have you tried Botox in you lower jaw muscle (masseter M)? The side view shows your forehead to be flat. Have you tried a filler such as Voluma or Juvederm to round off your forehead? Surgical solutions would be forehead lift to raise eyebrows, a implant in the center of your forehead, and angle of jaw reduction


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