Breast Lift for Kidney Transplant Patient

Thank you very much for your time! I'm 46 w/ living/related, perfect antigen match renal txplt. 23 yrs post op. Perfect function/ health. One preg/birth. I take 7 .5 mg pred qod and 125 mg immuran daily. i'm 5'2", maintain about 125 lbs.

Because of pred, pregnancy and post- preg weight loss, I'd like breast lift, but w/out implant because of immunosuppression. I'd appreciate opinions, as well as your knowledge of other txplt pts having successfully undergone this surgery.

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Breast Lift for Kidney Transplant Patient?

Thanks for the question.

Overall it sounds like you are in good health. The history of kidney transplantation will not contraindicate  breast lifting surgery. Communication between your medical doctors have plastic surgeon will be helpful and reassuring to everyone involved.

I have taken care of several kidney transplant patients (a variety of different stages)  without complications.

I hope this helps.

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Cosmetic Surgery with Immunosuppression

Before I entered my Plastic Surgery residency I completed General Surgery training at one of the leading transplant hospitals in the southeastern U.S. Although we didn’t perform cosmetic procedures on transplant patients, we routinely operated on them for various reasons. Our experience demonstrated that the surgical risk for these patients was really no higher than other patients. The major difference was that if a complication occurred (especially infection), the consequences could be more difficult to treat and could put patients at greater risk. That having been said, a mastopexy (breast lift) is a straightforward cosmetic surgical procedure for which the general risk is quite low. Because of your immunosuppression, wound healing will be somewhat slower and your incisions will need to be cared for slightly longer and perhaps with a little more TLC. Further, I would suggest that you wear a good supportive bra essentially around the clock for about 3-4 months so that the internal healing of the breast from the reshaping can heal completely before unnecessary stress is placed on the breasts. This will give you a much better and longer lasting result. I would anticipate that if you do your homework and seek out a Plastic Surgeon who has a good reputation, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is comfortable performing this procedure on you, then you should have no problems.

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Breast Lilft with Kidney Transplant

The transplant does not prevent cosmetic surgery, but does complicate it and increase your risks. Talk to your transplant doctor and have him/her talk to your Plastic Surgeon.

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Breast lift after kidney transplant

Your medical condition does not prevent you from having breast lift, though with all elective cosmetic procedures we have to think about them in terms of risk and benfit. Breast lift is not particularly stressfull or demanding during healing and recovery, and with a team approach involving your physician, nephrologist, and plastic surgeon you can have a safe procedure and good result. The prednisone will take more planning than the immuran. If your motivation is strong, start with your nephrologist to discuss your interest in a lift, and seek a recommedation from him for a plastic surgeon in your community best skilled and able to work with all.

Best of luck,


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