Why Am I Feeling Pain a Month After my Fat Transfer to Butt?

5 wks postop & about a week ago I started feeling pain. All along the inside of my butt crack from top to bottom, on the left side, is HARD & it hurts. Swollen. I didnt experience this pain before. There was always discomfort but not pain! Hurts to sit! Also, this might be irrelevant, but going to the bathroom has become somewhat painful & uncomfortable. Bowels seem abnormal. Is it normal to feel pain & swelling this late? Infections possible? What signs should i look for? Any advice?

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Hard and Hurts 5 Weeks along Crack after Brazilian Buttlift

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      This may be an area of fat necrosis or an area of scar - usually these two things will improve as the fat necrosis is digested to some extent and the scar softens.  The best thing would be to have your plastic surgeon examine you.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA


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The two things that come to mind are number one, fat necrosis and number two, possible injury to the rectum.

If you had a large amount of fat grafting sometimes the fat will not survive and  or sterile fatty abscess. This could cause pain especially if the surgeon Placed fat deep in the muscle.

The other, less likely problem is that you could've had some trauma to your rectum but this is very unlikely. I would suggest you try some warm sitz baths. That means sitting in a warm tub for 15 to 20 minutes.  Of course, you should follow up with your surgeon and see what she or he has to say.

Best regards, Dr. ddelvecchio 


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