Feeling for Lumps with Breast Implants, Will I be Able to Detect Them?

Hi Does having breast implants affect your ability to feel / find lumps and detect breast cancer in the early stages? I am concerned that by having implants it may disguise lumps that i would normally be able to detect? Please could i have advise on both 'over' and 'under' the muscle implants. Thanks

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Detecting lumps after breast augmentation

Breast implants can make detecting lumps a little more difficult, particularly if placed over the muscle. However, you can definitely still do it with implants. It may just take  a little longer. Ask your surgeon to find out how to check for lumps after surgery.

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Common Question - will breast implants prevent be from detecting breast cancer lumps?

There are two kinds of breast cancer: palpable, having lumps you can feel and non-palpable, where no lump it is detected on a mammogram. The literature has actually suggested that woman with breast implants may detect palpable breast cancer earlier than woman without implants. One reason this has been suggested is because the breast implants tend to push the breast away from the body and make it easier to feel a lump. However, as always a regular breast health check-up is necessary and you should discuss any concerns you have with your primary doctor and plastic surgeon before the procedure.


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Breast exams and implants

You should be able to perform self-examination of the breasts.  I think at first you have to feel comfortable manipulating your own breasts and feeling what is gland and what is implant.  Obviously if different lumps develop, then it should be of concern and you should see your doctor to be evaluated.

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Breast self examination after augmentation

Some patients have real trepidation about performing self examination after augment surgery, especially with dense breast tissue. I recommend that they see me or their gynecologist on a regular basis for examination to alleviate their concerns.

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