Will Adderall Affect my Breast Augmentation?

I am prescribed adderall xr. I have been taking it prior to my breast augmentation, will it affect anything?

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No, Adderall should not affect breast augmentation surgery

No, Adderall should not affect breast augmentation surgery. You should let your plastic surgeon  anesthesiologist know about this and all other medications, prescribed and recreational, that you have been taking.

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Adderol and Breast Augmentation

Adderol should have no effect on breast augmentation procedure. Your anesthetiologist should know that you take adderol so that they make sure that it will not interefere with any of the drugs they use during the procedure.

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Your medications and breast augmentation surgery

It is important for your plastic surgeon to obtain a detailed history and physical exam prior to your surgery. We need to know any and all medications you take to make sure that there are no potential adverse reactions and thankfully these are rare. Adderall is important for the anesthesiologist to know about because of it's stimulant effect. I can tell you though I have cared for a number of women who do take Adderall and they have all done fine. I hope this helps.

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