I Feel One of my Implants Moving Whenever I Walk or Lift my Arm? (photo)

It has only been two weeks since my BA, and two days ago I started feeling something (I'm guessing my implant) move inside my right breast, towards the crease. I got silicone implants (175 cc subglandular). It does not hurt, but it is impossible to ignore. Also, my right breast drops lower than the right, and appears to be larger. I am 5'3" and weigh 110lbs (if this makes any difference).

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I Feel One of my Implants Moving


Most patients after breasts enlargement  have one or another of a large constellation of my feelings or symptoms and they are almost never a sign of problem.

I do see from the descent of the right fold looks lower than the left. To my eye both breasts appeared without even in size but this is much easier to judge in 3 dimensions. As far as the fold goes, without seeing a photo from before surgery is impossible to say that this wasn't a preoperative situation. At any rate continue followup with your surgeon. 

Thank you for the question and for the attached photos. Best wishes.



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Swelling breast

This may be normal and it also could be a fliud collection.Your right breast is a little lower and perhaps soem support along the lower portion of your bra may help.Also check your temp to make sure you have no fever and followup with your PS.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Breast Surgery

Agreed looks like a fluid collection, should be drained and sent to the lab to make sure no bugs are growing

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I Feel One of my Implants Moving Whenever I Walk or Lift my Arm?

From the posted frontal photo and your very detailed description I believe you have a seroma in the right breast that needs drainage ASAP. Best to seek IN PERSON medical care. Good luck. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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If your implants where placed under the muscle you will be feeling the implant every time you move your arm. You need to see your PS to make sure everything is in place. You can see the asymmetry between both breasts. Women in general have asymmetrical breast all their life’s and never noticed it. After a breast augmentation it’s hard not to see it, its normal women anatomy.



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