I feel like my skin graft isn't healing properly? (photo)

4 months ago I had a sebaceous nevus under my eye, that had turned into skin cancer. I had mohs surgery followed by a skin graft on my face. It's been about 4 months, and the skin graft is still very red, and it almost looks irritated. The skin and the area around where the stitches have been removed are both very thick and noticeable. Is this normal? Will it go away? I've been using silicone sheets as well as scar cream, and there seems to be no improvement.

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Scar treatment

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The scar does appear thickened and has contracted. This is not unusual especially in this area and I would advise massage and silcone gel treatment in the initial phase. Your PS may have his/her own treatment regime for scar management. Lasers have been described to be of benefit and they may help to reduce the redness but I would consult again with your PS.

I feel like my skin graft isn't healing

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Skin grafts take a great deal of time to heal, and there will be some margins and scarring, without a doubt. Some will continue to improve, but it will be slow. I would recommend you follow-up with your surgeon just to be sure everything looks right as far as where the graft was done and the edges. But the site will always remain a bit different in color and texture. Some improvements will continue though. Be patient and be seen for a follow-up.

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