Edge of Implant Feels Like a Squishy Bump on Side of Breast

At 3.5 mos. post-op I felt a small bump on the side of my breast near my armpit, @ the time my implant dropped. I saw my GYN for my annual appt.2 wks prior and it wasn't there. I immed. saw my PS and he said it was the edge of my implant and wasn't concerned. Why did this happen?

Will the implant eventually slip out of the pocket? Will the bump ever go away? I can pop it in & out. Is there any harm in having it? I had a mammogram before my sx and it was clear. I have silicone under the muscle.

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"Bump" on side of breast from implant is not a concern.

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But it bothers you enough for you to keep "fiddling" with it, doesn't it? You implant pocket is well-healed (though not completely matured and softened) at 3 1/2 months post-op. With more time, this may settle, but it will definitely NOT do so if you keep "popping it in and out." Your implant pocket may have a small "tear" or hernia in the tissue layers here, and the bump is the implant protruding through that internal area of relative weakness.

It is of absolutely no concern as this is a function of your implant being felt through this weakness or "bubble" in your capsule (much like a weak spot ballooning out in an inner tube). If you stop causing the implant to protrude partially through this area, it may well scar down and even out over time, which is what the body naturally does around a round implant. Even if it doesn't, this is not a breast mass, a tumor, or a problem.

If it bugs you enough, your surgeon can close off that weak area with sutures, but of course that takes an operation. I'd leave it alone, stop "checking it," and worry not a bit! Good luck!

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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This is an edge of the gel implant.  Every plastic surgeon has seen this occur.  I have seen it in my own patients.  Sometimes it does go away and some times it does not.  I have had patients massage it around and out and gone but sometimes it just stays there.   Why does this occur in some breasts and not in others.  The edge feel is one of the big complaints in saline implants but generally was not to occur in gel.  It does occur unfortunately.  In salin this can be nearly eliminated by maximum fill plus and the edges go away.  This majkes sense.  If you overfill a baloon some there are no edges to feel.  Cotrrect.?   Yes.   Ask to see a gel implant at your doctors office and it will be apparent what you are feeling.  Play with the implant sample and note the edge potential.  So, why You?   This, I find,  is more common in very selender patients with low body fat.  There is less coverage so you feel an edge.  There is no harm in the edge feel but it does bother patients and it bothers me.  Occasionally we operate and go up or down a size or try a different profile.   I believe the high profile has a little less potential for the edge feel.  Where the gel implants overfilled,  this also may help but that is not available and may feel firm.  It is annoying and tough all at the same time.  Try massaging it around gently and aggressively.  Feel a sample implant so you understand the problem and this may help you in thought of the massage process.  Try sleeping firmly on that side and then try the reverse.  Sleep on the side for a week.  Try wearing the breast band over the top area of you breast for 20 hour a day for a week.  Try to manipulate the implant around and about.  It may work.  I hope it works for you.  Good Luck,  Dr Commons

Likely cause of the "Squishy Bump"

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The most likely cause for the "squishy bump" you have described is a small fold in the surface of your implant. The point at which the fold ends usually feels like a "corner". It is not dangerous, but can be annoying if it becomes visible.

A common cause for a fold to develop in the implant is scar contracture, e.g., the thin layer of scar tissue that surrounds the implant may have contracted or shrunk, squeezing gently on the implant. Such folds may or may not diminish over time. I would recommend following your doctor's advise about ways to stretch the scar tissue, thus keeping the breast soft, and reducing the chance of continuation of the bump.

It is highly unlikely that the implant will "slip out of the pocket".

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Edge of implant

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It is hard to say without seeingb you. More than likely it is the edge of the implant. It is under the muscle, so when you contract the muscle you will feel more of the implant out to the side. This is normal. I assume you are quite slim. A heavy person does not feel it so much.

Jonathan Saunders, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Feeling your breast implant

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Generally being able to feel your implant toward the armpit is not uncommon seeing as there is less muscular coverage as you move toward the armpit. Have you plastic surgeon comment on the other larger issues, but they are not usually a problem with a well done operation in the right hands.


Best Regards,


John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Implant palpability

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Certainly in some positions most implants are palpable.  As you were concerned it was smart to have it  checked out by your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Edges of the implant on the side or under the breast

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Even with submuscular coverage the side and the bottom of the implant is not covered by the muscle. Unless there is good tissue coverage it will be possible to feel the edges of the implant where the muscle does not hide it. Folding or ripples, though much less than with a saline implant, still do occur. The implant will not slip out of the pocket, and there is no harm in feeling the edge.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Feeling the edge of a breast implant

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Without an exam this can only be discussed in generality but the implant is not under the muscle laterally, and in an athletic slender patient it is not uncommon to feel the edge of the implant laterally or inferiorly.  It would be worse if you had saline. 

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