Will 440CC Breast Implants Get Me to a DD Cup?

I am a B cup and am having my surgery in exactly one week, however am concerned I have not chosen big enough implants. My surgeon has told me that 440 cc is the biggest he wants to go as there is risk of 'double bubble' , stretch marks etc.. there is a risk of that no matter what so Im not overly phased by this. I want to be a full DDcup.. am I going to achieve this using 440 cc implants.. also he told me my skin is quite 'stretchy'PLEASE HELP!!

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Breast Implant Size and cup size hard to predict with certainty.

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You need to find a surgeon you trust and are comfortable with.  Sounds like you are second guessing your surgeon.  What you are really questioning is the surgeons judgement.  That is perfectly fine but before letting someone operate on you , you best establish trust. I think you better postpone your surgery, talk with the surgeon at length, and either trust him or find someone you do.trust.   Judgemnet is what you pay your surgeon for in part.  The 440s may be fine.  It is impossible to state that a given size implant will result in a given cup size.  Bra manufactures all differ as does bra fit.  Your present breast tissue is a factor.  Find the path to trust and until you do prostpone surgery.  There is  no rush.  You live you life with the result.  Establish TRUST.  My Best.   Dr Commons

Breast implants chosen for "look" not for cup size

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In my opinion, you are setting yourself up for major disappointment if you put all your expectations on the final cup size you get.  It is the "look" you want that matters more and the cup size that fits you best just follows that.  Perhaps you need to have another chat with your doctor preop.

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