Will I look fine in a bikini? How many cc should I have? (Photo)

Augmentation is April 30th. I am 26, 5'6", 130lbs, doc says i'm a full A cup. I'm trying to decide if a 500cc is the correct size for me! What will this put me at, will I look odd in a bikini? I have been working out for a month and plan to continue after recovery. I tried on 500cc in office and was fine in a shirt but am worried about the appearance in bikini! I don't want to be too large. I've posted pics of now and what I think I like. I'm sure I was a pain for him :-/ Thanks

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Implant Size

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Choosing an implant size can be tricky.  3-D imaging systems are helpful but with larger implants, they tend to underestimate the size.  I have not found above the skin sizers to be very accurate either. A 500 cc implant is a very large implant in a thin person. There are long term risks to an implant this size but, in the short term, you should understand that this is well above the average size implant in America and, unless you are tall and wider than your photos look, you may run the risk of the implant either being very prominent if high profile or wider than your chest if not. Certainly, the end result is unlikely to look natural as that implant is unlikely to fit your measurements very well.  Each person has a different set of goals and desires. For some, it is to look natural but full. For others, it is to look full with a somewhat fake appearance. For others it is to look distinctly fake. In deciding on your implant size, have a very honest discussion with your doctor.  If your goal is to be natural, a 500cc implant is very likely too big.
Dr. Pyle

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts size

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Dear blev,
   Thanks for submitting your pictures and your goal pictures. From observing your pictures you appear to be a small A cup with left breast bigger than right breast and from observing your goal pictures it appears that you'd like to be a small C cup. You did not provide your chest circumference measurement, but, let's assume that you are 34 small A cup . To become a 34 small C cup you'll need a volume of 300cc and for a full C cup you will need 425cc. The 500 cc implants that was suggested to you will bring to a 34 D  cup. Based on that information , you will have to decide if you feel comfortable in a bikini with a D cup. Nobody can make that decision for you but yourself. Always, consult with board certified plastic surgeons and check their before and after pictures to make sure that you like their results.
                 Best of luck,
                                       Dr Widder

Breast Implant size

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Congratulations on deciding on a breast enhancement and your research. I never feel my patients are burdensome or take too much time . It is an important process and you should not have any apprehension. That's why I support my patients coming in 2 or 3 times to do the sizing system in front of a mirror if they want. I encourage them to bring a bikini or certain clothes or dresses to assure they feel comfortable with the size they chose. Although measurements are
important, sizing works great in combo with it.  I do feel that 500 cc base on your size will give you an unnatural appearance. So if you feel that you don't want that , then I would consider a smaller size. At least go back to your plastic surgeon and try on the sizing system again. Best wishes.

Breast augmentation and appearance in a bikini

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Selecting the right breast implant is critically important when going forward with breast augmentation surgery. However, size is only one factor. The shape of the implant, and the placement of the implant and breast implant position also play a critical role. WE all have seen breast implants that are too high on the chest, to far apart, too narrow, or distorted in some way that results in an unnatural and unappealing look. 

Find a plastic surgeon who uses biodimensional planning techniques. Also look for many, many before and after images performed by the plastic surgeon you are considering before going through with surgery. 

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Than you for the question, Silicone implants are approved for woman above the age of 22. If the size is chosen based on the individuals tissue characteristics the chance of having a great long term success is high!

Will I look fine in a bikini? How many cc should I have?

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Again try on sizers with for bikini top to obtain just an idea of the appearance. Otherwise it is a "leap of faith"....

500 cc breast implants are too large for the appearance you want in a bikini

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Based on the photographs of the desired shape and size that you want in my opinion 500 cc is quite large and will be very obvious in a bikini.

Generally speaking based on your body measurements and photographs 350-400 cc is the maximum I personally would use give you a full C cup that would still look natural and a bikini top.

This of course is just my personal opinion and you should discuss your exact details and goals carefully with your plastic surgeon.

Implant size

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Thank you for the photos and from them the ideal results you have chosen appear smaller then 500cc's which will probably make you a D or DD

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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