Fat Transfer from Thighs to Legs and Buttocks?

My thighs are fat compared to my tiny legs, and I have flat buttocks too. Can fat be taken from my thighs and injected into the desired areas, or is there any other procedure for my legs that you can suggest other than cosmetic surgery?

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Fat can be transfered anywhere

It is technically possible to transfer your own fat to anywhere else on your body. However, you really need to consider the benefits versus the possible outcomes. For areas like the cheeks or the breast or the buttocks, fat transfer works great. For areas where the skin is thinner or there is constant movement (the legs) the outcomes can be less predictable. Just make sure that you are seeing a plastic surgeon with good experience in fat transfer.

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Fat injection to legs is complex

Although fat injection to the buttocks is an widely accepted and performed procedure, fat injection to the legs is less accepted and not commonly performed.

This is for several reasons: blood supply, edema, minimal subcutaneous tissue, circumferential and longitudinal anantomy, etc.

You may want to contact several plastic surgeons and inquire if there is any individual with experience in this area.

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Fat grafting to the legs and butt

Fat grafting to the legs and butt is an extremely powerful and effective technique. This is commonly called a Brazilian Butt lift. During this procedure, we perform liposuction throughout the body and then cleaning process this fat before transplanting it to the butt and legs. This procedure will help recontour this area and create an attractive and round appearance of the butt and fuller thighs.

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