Will Getting Fat Transfer More Than Once Help Increase Breast Size?

I am a C cup, I want to go to a DD (which is my realistic goal) ideally I would like to be even a little bigger. From what i've read, breast augmentation from fat transfer will only make you 1 cup size bigger, 2 if you're lucky. If I get fat transfer for breast augmentation, but still want to go bigger could I get another fat transfer after some time? I am curious as to the safety of it, if there are doctors that will do this, and if it will help me reach my goals. Thank you for your help!!

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Fat Transfer More than Once for Breast Augmentation

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  In general, fat grafting to the breasts takes more than one session to achieve patient goals.  For an increase of 2 cup sizes, you will likely need two sessions.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Fat grafting for breast augmentation can be repeated to enhance the result

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Fat grafting procedures for the purposes of breast augmentation or enhancement can be repeated. The true limiting issue with success is the compliance of the breast skin - you simply cannot augment the breast beyond the breast skin envelope's ability to accept the engrafted fat. The procedure has some serious limitations, and is certainly not as reliable as an implant for augmentation. But for some patients, its the procedure of choice.

Fat transfer for breast

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Fat transfer's can be done multiple times and each time the size will increase.  The use of Brava with the transfer may also help in achieving your goal.  The problems you may run into are limitation in donor fat as it requires a significant amount of fat to get towards your goal.  The other limitation is the natural variability of fat take in the procedure.  Patients seeking a definite size as the primary goal will have greater satisfaction with implants.  Patients wishing volume enhancement with fat need to accept the limitations as a trade off for the benefits of fat or they will be dissatisfied.  

Mark Glasgold, MD
Highland Park Facial Plastic Surgeon
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