Fat Necrosis Removal After Diep Stage Ii Surgery?

hello all, I had stage ii diep surgery on february 25th, where i had some fat necrosis removal done on the right breast. It is now April 16th, and that area is still hard and feels the same as before the stage ii diep surgery. Is this normal? Should i wait some more before i become concerned? or should i see a plastic surgeon?

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Fat necrosis after DIEP

Fat necrosis is very common after DIEP flap.  I would see your plastic surgeon and see if further debridement is required.

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Fat Necrosis after DIEP flap breast reconstruction


I'm sorry to hear you're having problems after your breast reconstruction. A little bit of fat necrosis is not uncommon after DIEP flap - some studies put the figure as high as 15%. Sometimes, the hard lump softens on its own and doesn't need surgery. If a large area of fat (sometimes with overlying skin) has died, it needs to be surgically removed to get back to healthy tissue - just like what you had done in February.

If there are still hard areas, it could represent scarring or perhaps some residual fat necrosis. Either way, you need to be in close contact with your plastic surgeon to monitor how things are going.

Good luck with it all.

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