Can I Get a Facial After Sculptra Injections?

I had sculptra injections a couple months ago and i just scheduled a facial, will this effect my sculptra injections?

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Facial after sculptra

Jil, There should be no problem with getting a facial after sculptra. We have patients massage their sculptra five times a day for five minutes for five days. This is not a "no touch" procedurre. After that there is no other special treatment  needed and a facial certainly should not hurt. 

Birmingham Dermatologist
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Facials can be done even weeks after Sculptra

There should be no negative interaction with the Sculptra you had done two months ago by having a facial now. The Sculptra will not migrate because of external manipulation from the facial, nor will steam affect it at the depth it is placed.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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