Eyebrow Tattooing After Asian Blepharoplasty

9 days after my asian blepharoplasty, I had my eyebrows tattooed. I only dared to do it cause my swelling and healing were going well. I'm worried now b/c my eyelid seems tightened today. Have I damaged anything or prolonging my healing? I am scared...pls help me!

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The permanent makeup should not make a huge difference in your eyelids unless there is some type of infection

The permanent makeup should not make a huge difference in your eyelids unless there is some type of infection. An infection would be more likely if there is more tenderness, redness, and swelling than before.  You should get some swelling from eyebrow tatooing and this should be expected.  Nine days is a little early to do something like that in my opinion. 

The reason is that after a procedure you will have swelling that is normal. Sometimes the swelling, can break down the skin defenses so it is not a good idea the more closer you do it from your surgery date.  I think waiting at least 2 weeks, and to be conservative at least a month from your procedure is the more prudent thing.  This is what I would have recommended to you. I would have your doctor examine the area to make sure that there is no signs of infection that would need treatment.  Otherwise, I think that you should be okay and that your double eyelid operation should not suffer significant untoward effects.

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Permanent Makeup and Surgery

I hope I can calm your fears and not raise any more concerns for you.  First, there is most likely nothing the makeup artist or esthetician could have done to compromise your surgery when she tattooed your eyebrows. The eyebrows typically take longer to heal then the eyelid or lip when permanent makeup is applied.  That area has tougher or thicker skin so the esthetician has to go deeper to place the color.  You most likely have swelling that could extend down to the upper lid making it feel tighter.  As you continue to heal this feeling should go away.  You can always return to the surgeon who did your blepharoplasty and let them examine you so you can be reassured that everything is ok.

You did not indicate your age so the issue of your brows lowering as you age may or may not be of a concern.  Not everyone's brows lower significantly as they age so a browlift may not be needed or desired later on, so placing the permanent makeup on the eyebrow now may not be a problem in the future for you.  Don't become concerned about this until there is a reason to be.

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Eye brow tattooing

This is probably swelling. Give it time and ice .

On the long term eye brow tattooing is one of the worst thing one can do, because of aging the brow drops down and the tattoo makes correction by brow lift impossible sometimes

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