Eye Strain by Lifting Weights After Lasik?

I had my lasik on Nov 2nd. Had really good progress and hit the gym only after 2 weeks as advised by doctor. First 3 days I did cardio & full body workout with light weights. Had no problems at all. It was during the back workout I tried to pull little heavy weight and all off sudden got an head pain. I managed to complete my workout but the pain didn't go away. For past 3 days I am taking rest The head pain is better but still having some uneasy feeling in my right eye.Please advice

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Careful After LASIK

The only real LASIK-related danger at this point is that you somehow displaced your LASIK flap. This would typically result in blurred vision rather than pain, but the best course is to have your surgeon check it out to be safe.

San Diego Ophthalmologist
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Lifting Weights After LASIK

There is no evidence that physical exertion or, even, atmospheric changes, will change the recovery or outcome of LASIK or PRK. I advise all of my patients to avoid working out for about 72 hours post surgery......mainly to not have sweat get in the eyes. No swimming for about 10 days. Weight lifting is fine after 3-4 days and should not cause any problems.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist
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