What's Wrong with my Eyes? (photo)

My right eye is off. It has been like that for about a month or 2. Can anybody tell me what it may be; and, how I can fix it?

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Recent Onset of Left Eye Drifting

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Your right eye is actually looking straight.  Your left eye appears to be misaligned and looking left.  You state that it was recent.  Was it sudden, gradual or associated with pain or trauma? Do you have double vision or a recent decrease in vision? Do you have any medical problems? Have you had muscle surgery as a child or adult? Is this photo of you shot with looking straight ahead. The way the two eyes move together needs to be assessed. These questions and more can be answered with a complete eye exam by an Ophthalmologist.

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Squint or wall eye

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It looks as if one eye is looking straight (your right) and the left is drifting off (wall eyed or a squint or strabismus). The technical name for this is an exotropia. Did you have any eye muscle surgery as a child? The causes of this include: Previous eye muscle surgery, poor vision left eye which is either old or more recent. What I cannot tell from one single photo is how the two eyes move together. Are you looking straight ahead or are you looking to the left?

You should see an ophthalmologist who will examine your eye movements, do cover tests etc and also examine each eyes vision and health. This can be done by a Strabismologist or a Neuro-Ophthalmologist. SOmetimes they will recommend eye musche surgery or botulinum toxin to one of the small eye muscles which move the eye. JO

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London Oculoplastic Surgeon
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