Which is the best way to treat my hematoma? (Photo)

Hello which is best to treat my Hematoma on my left breast it's been 3 weeks and 4 days since surgery. I've been using ice packs and a hot water bottle to try and take down the swelling. Why is i've be Asprin not good to take I would have thought this would thin the bloody out and dissolve the Hematoma. Getting so fed up with it , it hurt when I walk or try to pick something up from the floor . I back wear the bandages as this help to not move the breast about . Is there anything more I can do ?

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Surgical evacuation of hematoma is the best way to treat it

Hematomas need to be evacuated.  That is the best way to treat them. Aspirin causes more bleeding and makes hematomas worse. It should not be taken.

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Hematoma treatment

In my opinion, if caught early, hematoma is  best treated by returning to the operating room opening the incision, washing out the blood, finding the source of the bleeding and stopping it. Small hematomas, especially if caught late may be allowed to liquify over 10-12 days, then can be aspirated with ultrasound guided blunt canula aspiration. We think that blood left around the implant can be a source of contributing to the formation of capsular contraction. Good luck.

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What Is The Best Way To Treat A Post Breast Augmentation Hematoma?

Hematomas present early after a breast augmentation should be evacuated immediately.  That means opening up the skin, getting rid of all the blood creating the hematoma, finding the source of the bleeding if possible and stopping the bleeding, and closing up the skin incision over a drain which should be left in at least 3 days to decrease the chance of a recurrence of the hematoma and also removing any concurrent seroma that may have formed.

By 3 weeks, your hematoma probably already solidified.  Once it solidifies, then you get what is known as lysis of the hematoma.  This lysis (liquification of the hematoma) can then be drained.  Unfortunately, the cavity formed by the solidified hematoma and/or lysed hematoma can lead to a pocket which then fills with fluid known as a seroma which becomes much more difficult to resolve.

All the above means you need to see your plastic surgeon right now and get the hematoma out of you.  It's presence can lead to infection, capsular contracture, and/or distortion of the ultimate results of your breast lift/augmentation.  Cold and heat will have no positive effects on your hematoma at this point, and aspirin will increase the likelihood of expansion of your existing hematoma.

Hematoma of breast

If you have a significant hematoma, then it is best to drain the hematoma. Smaller hematoma are sometimes allowed to resorb on its own. You should follow closely with you surgeon.

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Hematoma Treatment

It is best to follow-up with your surgeon to manage your hematoma. There are a number of different treatments and I would say that after 3 weeks your could probably stop the ice and hot packs. I would recommend not taking aspirin as this thins your blood and can make the hematoma more difficult to form clot for absorption. 

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Hematoma aspirin

Thank you for your question. I am sorry you are having some issues. Aspirin will make blood thin and makes it to bleed more. Treatment of hematoma varies and it should be decided by your surgeon and you. Can not comment on internet as it need to be physically examined before making the decision. Good luck with your healing

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A significant hematoma must be drained surgically.

A significant hematoma must be drained surgically.  It the breast is enlarged, tense, swollen and painful then surgical drainage would be indicated.  Your plastic surgeon should take the necessary steps to take care of you in the correct manner.  This is really a judgement call and not one that can be made over the internet.  

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Which is the best way to treat my hematoma?

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble following our breast surgery.  If the hematoma is of significant size, the best way to treat it is to drain it through you incision and stop and sites of continued bleeding.  You should avoid aspirin because aspirin prevents the blood from clotting which could cause the wound to bleed further.  Check back with your surgeon they will be best able to help.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

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Breast augmentation hematoma

It is hard to tell if this is a hematoma or a subcutaneous contusion. You require examination by a plastic surgeon. If it is a hematoma it should be evacuated in the operating room.

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Treatment for Hematoma after Breast Augmentation

If you have a breast hematoma, you may need surgical intervention by opening up the pocket to release the blood. This will make you instantly feel much better and decrease your risk of infection and later capsular contracture. Make sure you address your concerns and pain with your surgeon. Best wishes.

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