3 Days in Pain After Endermologie Session, is That Normal?

I had an endermologie session on Friday, today Tue. Im still in pain mostly around my ribs, I am a bit scared because everywhere I read a review people comment on how relaxing it is, I was in pain during it and days after, has anyone heard of such thing??

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3 Days in Pain After Endermologie Session, is That Normal?

It is common to be sore after a treatment, she might have used the settings to high. Make sure the massage therapist is trained to use endermologie and has a certificate to show for it. We have two highly trained massage therapist that have been doing these treatments for years.

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We offer the Endermologie treatment here in my office.  Our Endermologie professionals are very well trained.  If the machine is set to high and has too much suction power, it is possible to injure the skin and soft tissues of the body.  Perhaps the settings were too high for you.  Allow time to pass and you will feel better.

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