Endermologie - Will It Work on Recurring Lumps from Lipo?

I had Lipo on my upper abdomen approximately 18 months ago and had a few lumps of scar tissue. Last week I had the surgeon break up the scar tissue and re-lipo the lumps. Immediatelt post-op skin was smooth and not lumpy however 10 days post-op the lumps went back, but more firm with Edema. Will Endermologie help relieve this condition or would a simple massage do?

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I don't recommend Endermologie for recurring lumps from Lipo

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I have to disagree the the previous expert doctor posters. I would recommend aggressive 'hands on' lymphatic massages. Not a machine with rollers attached which is very expensive. If you investigate the differences between both treatments the only finding is $$$$$. Endermologie is very expensive vs Lymphatic massages are half the $. Plus, I feel the direct contact by hands of a very well-trained massage therapist far out weigh the roller action of a machine.

PS this just my personal opinion.

Is Endermologie effective for improvement of post liposuction edema?

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Hi there-

Endermologie is a very effective technique for maximization of the outcome after liposuction. 

For maximum benefit, be sure to start the treatments early after the surgery and continue them until the edema is completely resolved.

Endermologie after Liposuction

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Endermologie is an excellent technique for postoperative amelioration of uneven subcutaneous tissue in the postoperative liposuction patients. I would initiate treatment in the office within 5 days of surgery and continue for 6 weeks.

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