What is the healing process like from Ematrix?

How much downtime post-treatment should be anticipated from an eMatrix sublative rejuvenation treatment ? 

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Depends on what we are treating, your skin type and the energy levels....

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.... usually very little downtime, if we use low settings eg Program A, or B, ie 40 mJ -45mj per pin. 

If we are treating skin laxity, or severe atrophic scars and use 100mj per pin and double passing, downtime maybe 4-5 days. Additionally if you are prone to rosacea, you maybe red for extended periods. It really depends.... 

However compared to laser, RF or Ematrix - Sublative really has very little downtime


Dr Davin Lim
Cosmetic Dermatologist
Laser Dermatologist

Is there downtime with high energy level treatments with eMatrix

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Downtime with eMatrix depends on the energy level used for the sublative RF treatments and it DEPENDS on what is being treated.

For low and intermediate energy levels there is no downtime.

For intermediate and high energy settings with overlap treatments, there is a 3-5 day downtime. 

EMatrix Recovery - Downtime

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EMatrix is associated with little to no downtime.  The majority of patients do not take off time from work.   There will be some swelling and markings during the recovery time.

Craig Mezrow, MS, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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