Can I Eat Oats Mixed Vanilla Protein Whilst Completing at Home Teeth Whitening?

I have been using 'Polanight' overnight 16% at home trays in an attempt to whiten my teeth. I have used them for the past 5 nights. In the first 2 days I ate Chicken/Turkey/White Fish, White Rice, Cottage Cheese, Milk and Egg whites. The past couple of days I have had Oats mixed with vanilla protein powder, is this okay to eat whilst completing this treatment?

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Tooth Whitening Foods

Oats and protein powder won't be a problem, it seems like you're doing fine. Long term, just keep in mind that you should use a whitening toothpaste at least part of the time and that your whitening should be touched up about once a year.

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Food to Avoid While Bleaching Teeth

Hiu Crafty...oats along with vanilla protein powder will not disturb your bleaching process. Foods to avoid are the ones that would stain your teeth such as beets, hot or cold teas, coffee, wines and the like. Happy bleaching and enjoy your new white smile

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Fine to eat oats

Yes, you should be fine to eat oats with vanilla protein.  The object is to avoid anything that would stain.  Colored soda, teas, coffee, wine, etc... are examples of things to avoid.  If your oats with vanilla are colored you may want to avoid them for now.  It sounds like you are doing a good job avoiding the staining foods and liquids though, keep it up during your whitening process and you should be fine.

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Can I eat oats after whitening

Yes you should avoid anything with color for 24 hours good luck



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