What should I eat before and after breast augmentation?

I'm having a breast augmentation in two weeks and I want to prepare myself as well as possible. I have to travel by plane to get the surgery done, and I go home the next day, so my fist night will be in a hotel. I'm thinking of buying things before I leave so it's ready when I get home. Do you have any tips about what I should eat before and after? and what to avoid? I've read so many strange things on the internet like, eat canned peaches, avoid banana and fish?

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Eating Pre & Post Breast Augmentation

A good diet is beneficial before surgery to maintain and maximize your nutritional status. Hydration with adequate amounts of water is also important.

A one a day vitamin may also be beneficial BUT excessive vitamin intake may be detrimental.

Avoid aspirn, motrin, advil and ibuprofen as these may increase your bleeding time and affect blood coagulation in surgery. Smoking is prohibited. Limited alcohol use is acceptable.

After surgery, you can proceed from a liquid diet to a soft diet to a regular diet as tolerated. On occasions, patients feel nauseous from the anesthesia or pain medicine and need to settle their stomachs before ingesting fluids or solids.

Your surgeon will give you further instructions as to your medications or herbal supplements prior and after surgery.

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What Should You Eat After Surgery

Remember, the process of surgery can be very draining on the body. Inadequate nutritional intake can negatively affect the quality of life by prolonging healing and recovery. This in turn leaves the patient susceptible to developing post-surgery complications. Proper nutrition is important for health and well-being. This is especially so when you are recovering from your surgery.

Eating nutritional foods can help one avoid complication, stimulate cell growth and purify the body. The best things to eat include fiber, protein, whole grains and a few special ingredients that help reduce inflammation. Stay away from foods that are high in sugar, fat and sodium. Do not eat anything with empty calories such as cakes, cookies and the like and especially do not consume alcoholic beverages. Other foods that are known to cause constipation are processed foods, dairy products such as cheese, red meat, sweets, and dried foods.

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What should I eat before and after breast augmentation?

No special diet. You will likely find that you will be back to your favorite, hopefully healthy, diet within a few days after the breast reduction procedure.  Otherwise, your plastic surgeon and staff will have recommendations for you in regards to foods to eat immediately after surgery;  usually, I ask my patients to start with well tolerated liquids and advance quickly to solid foods as tolerated ( with the concern being avoidance of postoperative nausea/vomiting). Timing of eating in relation to use of  postoperative medications should also be discussed.  Best wishes with your upcoming procedure; hopefully, you will be very pleased with the outcome of the procedure performed. .

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There's nothing specific.  You should ask your PS what they would like you to avoid, such as NSAIDs or omega FAs or vitamin E, etc.


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There are no specific foods to take or avoid, other than avoiding any intake for the 8 hours before surgery, unless other instructions come from your surgeon. You should browse the list of medications to avoid--most cautions are for aspirin containing products.

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Diet and Implants

Always best to check with your surgeon.  In my practice, restrictions are directed towards foods and supplements that could increase risks for bleeding such at Vitamin E.  As for leaving on a jet plane the next day, make sure you have no issues and if possible,  be seen by your surgeon or his/her staff to ensure no concerns on their part. 

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What to eat before and after breast augmentation

I would also say there are no real dietary restrictions with breast augmentation.  In general you don't want to have greasy or spicy foods for several days after having any form of anesthesia, but that is not specific to breast augmentation.  Also, anything that predisposes you to a higher risk of bleeding should be avoided, such as red wine for several days, and vitamin E and fish oil.  There are also certain herbal teas that I usually recommend avoiding.  These are all important things to discuss in detail with your plastic surgeon.  I hope this helps.

James F. Boynton, MD, FACS
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Pre-and postoperative diet.

 There are no specific foods that will make your outcome any better or worse. There are some recommendations on supplements and medications to avoid prior to surgery.     medications such as aspirin and blood thinners must be discontinued prior to surgery. There are number of dietary supplements that may increase the risk for bleeding. Consult your plastic surgeon to determine what their rules for supplements and medications are prior to surgery.  Overall it is important to have a healthy balanced diet  both before and after surgery. This is to prepare your body for the metabolic demand of healing and to allow your body to have the building blocks necessary to recover from surgery.

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There are no formal recommendations on what to take or avoid before and after your surgery in terms of your diet.   The best person to ask would be your plastic surgeon.  He/she may have some specific advice or preferences.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Dr. Basu

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What to eat for breast surgery

There really is no special diet or supplements that will help with your surgery results or recovery. A lot of  physicians and patients think that pineapples which contain bromelain might help with bruising. But most patients don't have any bruising with breast augmentation anyway. And the actual benefits of supplements like bromelain or arnica montana are not well supported with scientific evidence. Eat whatever you like, but don't eat anything after midnight the night before surgery. 

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