How Do I Ease the Pressure in my Chest After a Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction on wednesday October 5, 2011. today is the second day post-op and i have massive pressure in my chest and it is very uncomfortable. The only thing that seems to temporarily help, is to stand up completely. Is there anything to help with the pressure? Also, my hips feel like they are being crushed if i try to move, is this normal?

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Pain after Breast Reduction?

I do not want to sound like an alarmist but I am concerned about your description of the chest pain and hip pain. The description of “massive pressure in my chest” and “hips feel like you're being crushed” are not typically  heard after the breast reduction procedure.

I would suggest contacting your plastic surgeon ASAP.  If he/she is unavailable I would suggest an emergency room visit.  It's important not to miss  a diagnosis  of deep venous thrombosis and/or pulmonary embolism ( which can be fatal).

Sorry again if my response causes anxiety but it is much better to be safe rather than sorry.

I hope this helps.

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Abnormal or unusual pain after surgery.

Most plastic surgery offices provide extensive discussions and /or lists of expected occurrences after all surgical procedures.  In the immediate post-op period, a deviation from the "expected" course of events warrants a call to your surgeon.  Extreme symptoms mandate a trip to the closest ER.  Don't ever hesitate to call your doctor for clarification and reassurance.  Sometimes, it is only a tight dressing causing the "emergency".

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How Do I Ease the Pressure in my Chest After a Breast Reduction?

From your posted description you need immediate care! Seek emergent care from you surgeon or go to closest ER. Please this could be serious from your written description. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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