8 days post-op: Early signs of double bubble? (photos)

Hi, i recently had breast augmentation, I'm about 8 days post op and it looks as if im forming a double bubble. I had 300cc high profile gel impants over the muscle with crease incision, there is a lot of pain around the incision and it seems to be swollen. Is this normal and worrying too much or is it a problem? Any answers is much appreciated.

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Double bubble a days after breast augmentation

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Important–stop pushing your breast implant downward, allow the implant and the inframammary crease region to heal normally after breast augmentation.

I do see the bulge of the implant when you press the implant down however you do not have an obvious double bubble at this point.

You need to allow the tissue to heal and the tissue in the inframammary crease region to become tightly adherent to the underlying chest wall.  Next

By pushing the implant down as you're doing in the photograph you do increase the chances that you will develop a double bubble.  If you were my patient I would be taping the inframammary crease region to help healing of the inframammary crease tissues to the chest wall.

Double bubble at 8 days?

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It is hard to say from the photos what is going on, but at 8 days after surgery it is too early to tell. Best of luck and if concerned ask your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Worried about double bubble 8 days after augmentation

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Thank you for your inquiry about a 'double bubble' eight days after your breast augmentation.

It is hard to be sure from the photograph what is going on.

There is some shadowing that suggests the rim of the implants may be slightly below or to the side of the incision. However your surgery was only a few days ago and things will be swollen. You need to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and see how things look as the swelling subsides over the  next few weeks. Best wishes.

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