Is it okay to take human growth hormone after CoolSculpting treatments? Can this affect the benefits of CoolSculpting?

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Growth Hormone Post CoolSculpting

The affect of growth hormone (HGH) is not studied with the use of CoolSculpting, therefore it is unknown. Growth hormone however does affect fat and redistribution, so it is important to seek advise from a doctor prior to taking it.

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There is no known contraindication to the use of HGH following Coolsculpting™.  However, because there may be residual swelling in the area of Coolsculpting™ then I would choose an injection site away from the treated area.

CS effects after HGH

Hi hellosunsoon.  While there are no specific studies I am aware of looking at the immediate or short term effects of HGH after CS treatments, you will likely not maintain the shaping achieved as all the tissues in your body will be growing and your proportions will shift.  The contouring achieved by eliminating fat with CS may be replaced/reversed by the remaining fat expanding, and as weight gain continues with HGH, then new fat cells will be generated.  It is not possible to predict where the new fat cells will deposit.  Be sure to consult with your physician overseeing your CS treatments for guidance.  Best wishes,

HGH and Coolsculpting

I am not aware of any interaction between these 2. I do know that HGH does affect fat and it can cause redistribution of the fat. The short term results of the Coolsculpting shouldn't be affected. Please be aware of the long term complications of taking is not completely benign.

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