Dysport for Contouring Lower Face?

Can Dysport be used to contour the lower face? If so, how many units is effective? Is it safe to get a touch-up 3 days later if there is no effect with the first dosage?

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Dysport for lower face

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I have used Dysport in the lower face just like Botox. I used 10 Dysport units just to the side of the chin on each side to relax the corners of the mouth and marionette lines. It also helps filler in this area last longer. It does seem to take effect quicker than Botox, we shall see if it lasts longer.

Florham Park Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, & Xeomin) Work Well For Contouring The Lower Face & Neck

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Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) were originally intended for use in treating scowl lines, forehead "worry" lines and crow's feet. However, they have been successfully been used for years to treat the lower half of the face and neck, as well. I personally have been using Botox for more than two decades, and more recently Dysport and Xeomin, for all of these uses. 

Neuromodulators, for example, can be used to smooth a "pebbly" or "cobblestone" chin. They can help to elevate the marionette line ("Howdy Doody" or "sad lines"), treat a "gummy smile" and when placed in microdroplets, in a grid pattern can improve a crepey and crinkly ("prune face") appearance to the lower cheeks. Properly placed along the jaw line and into the ropey cords of the neck, they can give rise to a straightening of the upper neck and jawline, a technique which has come to be known as the "Nefertiti Lift," in honor of the stepmother of the young Pharaoh Tutenkhamen who was known for her perfect profile. The exact number of units of each material to achieve the desired results depends upon the site and the particular needs of the person seeking treatment.


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Just like Botox, Dysport can be used in the lower face area.  It can be used along the sides of the mouth to help with droopy mouth corners.  It can help with chin dimpling as well.  There is a wide variety of uses for both Dysport and Botox along the lower face area. 

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Dysport to define jawline and minimize jowls

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Dysport and Botox can be injected by a board certified aesthetic specialist in the lower face and mandibular area, to define its lower segment and minimize jowls. It can also improve the bands that form on the anterior aspect of the neck.

Dysport and contouring face

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Dysport is used to relax lines on the face that are the result of overactive facial animation., It is best in the crow's feet, glabella, and forehead regions.

Dysport for Contouring Lower Face?

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Yes, Dysport, like Botox, can be used to contour the lower face.  All uses of it other than in glabellar lines are considered off-label.  Some uses include treating the chin puckers, the marionnette lines at the corners of the mouth, the platysmal bands, the DAO's (depressor anguli oris), and the masseter muscle to contour the jawline.

Do not get a touch up in 3 days because I've seen the effects continue up to 2-3 weeks, so wait at least that long before you get a touch up.

RamtIn Kassir, MD, NY/NJ Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ramtin Kassir, MD
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Dysport uses in the lower face

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Dysport can be used in the lower face just like botox. It is considered an off label use in this area. This means that although dysport was FDA approved for the frown lines only as a physician we can place this FDA approved product in other areas. Typical areas are for lip lines, platysma bands(neck bands) , and for the DAO muscles( to decrease the marionette folds and lines)and chin.

Joanne Lopes, MD
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Using Dysport in the lower face

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Dysport is a close relative of Botox that is now available in the United States through Medicis. Like Botox, Dysport may be used to contour the face by relaxing the deeper facial muscles. These muscles are usually in the upper portion of the face. Muscle relaxants such as Botox and Dysport may have limited uses in the lower face. Your best bet is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience with fillers, Botox and the new Dysport. They will be able to review your treatment options and let you know which combination will help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Dysport not for contouring

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Your question asks about contouring the lower face. While Dysport has proven to be an effective alternative to Botox (a neurotoxin or neuromodulator) it is not intended for contour changes. Dysport (and Botox) injections can alter your facial expression by relaxing certain muscles, but will not augment the contours of your face. 

When speaking about contouring generally you're talking about bulking up hollow areas or plumping and smoothing lines and folds. Though Dysport or Botox will not accomplish that kind of change you still have many options. Some of the most common and effective choices include Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Hydrelle, and Sculptra. If you're considering improving your facial contour you should visit with a few plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can discuss your options and make a plan together that suits your goals.

I hope this info helps!

Dysport vs Botox

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Dysport and Botox are the two FDA-approved botulinum toxin treatments in the US. Both of them can soften excess muscle tone in a variety of areas on the skin. However, to determine if you are an appropriate candidate you must see a qualified physician who will make this decision. A touch-up performed at 3 days is clearly too early.

Dr. David Goldberg

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