Dysport and Cutaneous Lupus- Having a Reaction. What Should I Do?

I had a Dysport eyebrow lift 5 days ago. I also had been diagnosed with Cutaneous Lupus. 1 year ago. My doctor who administered the Dysport was aware of my medical history and gave it to me anyway. Now I have deveoped a systemic itchy rash on my legs. arms and torso. I think I am having an auto immune response to the Dysport and a flare of the Lupus. What should I do? I am itching like crazy! Oh, but my forehead looks great!!

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Dysport and Cutaneous Lupus- Having a Reaction

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Thank you for your question. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in injectables for the safest and most effective treatments. You can do a trial of antihistamines such as Benadryl or Claritin for the itchiness. I would discontinue getting Dysport/Botox given your autoimmune condition. If your symptoms persist, get evaluated by your primary doctor, dermatologist, or rheumatologist. I hope this helps.

Dysport and Lupus

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I have several patients with Lupus who receive Botox and/or Dysport without problems. That being said, you could have a flare-up because of the Dysport, or simply because of other factors. It's best to consult the physician who treats your Lupus and see what he/she wants you to do. Unfortunately, Botox and Dysport can't be dissolved or taken out, but oral medications, topical medications, and/or a cortisone shot, if deemed appropriate, could all help with your itching. Consult your treating physician.

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