I Had Dysport .6cc and I Need to Know is This is Large or Small Amount?

hello I rely need ur help I have been injected for my first time by dysport and I don't like the result at all I look like a devil the dr infected me between the eye brow the 11's and one above my left eyebrow and the the other above my right eye brow it gives me bad arc she told this small amount but I don't trust her she used .6cc she mix 500 vial with 4ml of solution plz from your experience is this large or small amount and how long it will Tack to wear off I hope it less than 3 mont.thx

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Dysport dose

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Well, hopefully I can help you.  First of all, Dysport comes in a vial with 300 units.  I am not aware of any vials that have 500 units, unless it is not really Dysport you had but something else.  If it was Dysport that was used and 4 ml was used as the dilution for a vial with 300 units, then your dose of 0.6cc would be 45 units.  I would not call this a small or large dose, but around the usual range for use in treating the 11's.  If you feel that your appearance is strange after the treatment, it is possible that things could be touched up to help.  If you are not comfortable returning to your injector, I would seek out another physician to see if your appearance can be improved.   

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Dysport reconstitution and proper dosing

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As others have mentioned, Dysport is supplied in a 300 unit vial.  The number of units administered is more important than the volume, because depending on the volume of reconstitution, the dosage will vary.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Dysport - How Many Units to Use for Frown Lines

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Dysport is supplied in 300 Unit vials and must be mixed with saline (water with a little salt in it) prior to use. It is best to mix the vial immediatly before use, but studies have shown that it can be stored for 30 days. Physicians may choose to mix the vial with 1.5-cc of saline, 2.5-cc of saline, 3-cc of saline, etc.


For the frown lines, 50 Units is the average amount (some require a little less and some more). Again, depending upon the dilution used, 50 Units could be 0.5cc, 0.4cc, 0.6cc, etc.  Therefore, when inquiring about "how much" Dysport is used, we must know the number of units used.



Robert S. Bader, MD, FAAD
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Devil look after Dysport

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An over-arched look or "Devil" appearance happens when the frontalis muscle is over-injected (or injected too low) and it softens/falls, raising the outside of the eyebrows up. It can be fixed with another injection to those over-arched areas, but once you've had a bad experience I realize that going back for more doesn't always sounds ideal. Just FYI - genuine Dysport doesn't come in 500u vials. It comes in 300u vials and using 4ml to dilute it would be about 45 units, which is a reasonable amount for the glabella (between the eyebrow) area.


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I would recommend that you see your physician for follow-up regarding your concern.  They may be able to correct the unwanted results.

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Make sure the Dysport is geniune.

The over lifted arch can be corrected by weakening the frontalis muscle. This time you need an expert injector that you can trust.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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