No Bowel Movement After Gastric Bypass

What is the Duration of Time Before I Should Expect a Bowell Movement. I Have Bypass Surgery and It Has Been Going on a Week.

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Bowel Movement after Bariatric Surgery

Having a bowel movement after bariatric surgery may take some time and it is different for everyone.  Most of the time bariatric patients are on an all protein shake diet afterwards and are getting very little fiber in their diets. I recommend to all my patients postoperatively and preoperatively to take Benefiber as directed daily to help them have a bowel movement. I typically do not recommend laxatives as they can be habit forming.  If you are having trouble you should contact your bariatric surgeon.

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Bowel movement after gastric bypass

Timing is variable, but usually you should have one in a few days.  If not you should contact your surgeon.  Some patients need Miralax after gastric bypasss to keep their bowels moving because they don't eat very much fiber.

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