How Long to Wait After C-section to Have Bariatric Surgery?

It Has Been 5 Months and I Weight 288 Lbs. I develop gestational diabetes and had a 10 lbs 15 oz baby, my blood pressure is 150/100 and my PCP is very concerned about my overall health. I have two children and do not want any more. My insurance have pre-approved the surgery and I need to pick a date to schedule the surgery. Obese Mother

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Bariatric surgery after C-section

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At this point, it is perfectly safe for you to have any kind of bariatric surgery. It is safe to do the procedure 6 to 8 weeks after a C-section, but the longer that you wait after any kind of surgery the scar tissue that is left behind from the previous surgery becomes easier to deal with.  I would highly recommend bariatric surgery for you as it would improve your hypertension and it will make you run around easier with your young ones.   

Long Island Bariatric Surgeon

Bariatric surgery after c-section

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We usually recommend waiting 6 - 8 weeks after a c-section to have bariatric surgery.  Weight loss surgery will help you with you blood pressure and improve your general health. 

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