Droopy Eyelid After Cataract Surgery?

Shortly after left eye cataract surgery I had swelling and pain in the eye and was put on a mild steroid drop for about 1 month followed by a much stronger steroid drop for about 6 wks to get rid of the pain and swelling.Two weeks after stopping the stronger drop, I noticed my left eyelid was droopy and was put on the mild drop again for about 10 days.I've been off all steroid drops now for about 1.5 weeks but the eyelid is still droopy.Did the drops cause this and will it heal over time?

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Droopy Eyelid Post Cataract Surgery

A droopy eyelid after cataract surgery is not uncommon and in most cases will resolve within six months without treatment.  If it persists after this period, the eyelid can still be repaired with eyelid surgery.

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