Vision After Cataract Surgery?

I am 60 and I was told that I could have my cataracts done by a specialist that I have been seeing in London. After cataract surgery, does vision naturally get worse with age as it would normally?

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Vision After Cataract Surgery

If you do not have any other eye diseases, the vision often remains clear after cataract surgery for the rest of your life. 


Most age related change in vision is due to the lens of the eye.  Cataract surgery replaces the lens inside the eye, so there is not further reason for your vision to deteriorate with time.

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Loss of Vision with Age

Most of the vision loss that occurs with age is due to some form of degeneration or disease state and not due to age itself.  If the eye remains healthy following cataract surgery, the vision will generally remain relatively stable.  Age by itself causes only a relatively minor amount of vision loss and there are certainly people in their 90's or even 100's who can still see 20/20.


Having said that, the risk of developing some form of degeneration increases with increasing age.  Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and other eye diseases are much more common in older people.  It is therefore important to have your eyes examined regularly even when you are seeing well.

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Cataract Surgery Results

It is a natural byproduct of aging that our human lens gradually clouds over time. The saying goes that if we all are blessed to live long enough, we will all develop cataracts. That being said, if you had to "pick" an eye problem to have, a cataract is your best choice. The reason for this is that treatment is quick, safe, painless and, with the addition of numerous implantable lens options, the visual results are, typically, awesome.....and, yes, permanent!

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After cataract surgery, your vision should remain stable unless there is a health problem in the eye. In the absence of eye disease the eye should be capable of very good vision when the cataract is removed.

Ilan Cohen, MD
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