Can I Drive Myself Home After Moh's Surgery?

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Driving after Mohs

Under certain circumstances, I generally recommend NOT driving which include:  if the site is on the eyelid, forehead or bridge of the nose where the bandage and swelling will obscure your view, if the patient will be receiving valium before the procedure, if the patient is quite elderly or when the cancer is obviously large.  For other situations, it is much easier on the patient if s/he doesn't have to drive but it isn't critical that they don't.  Always ask your surgeon what they recommend and take into consideration the fact that surgeries may last the greater part of a day and the process can be quite draining. 

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Driving Home after Surgery

I generally recomment that someone else drive you home after Mohs surgery. Between the going back and forth between stages, waiting, and the reconstruction, most people feel a little beaten up. So it's good to have a driver. If getting a driver would be difficult, then you may be able to drive home if the location of the surgery is not going to be a factor (e.g. near eye or large flap on face) and if nothing other than local anesthetic was used. But it's ultimately up to your doctor so it's a good idea to check with him/her first.

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Driving home after Mohs surgery

This is really a question for your surgeon. He will make that determination based upon location of surgery, duration of surgery and pre and post operative aneshesia and sedation used, if any.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Depends on the site and your Mohs' surgeon preference

If you are just having local anesthesia (and nothing to relax you like Valium), then you may be ok to drive.  It depends on where your operation is on your body.  If it is around your eyes, then you probably can't drive, as you may have eyelid swelling from the local anesthesia.  If it is somewhere else, you may be able to drive.  This ultimately should be asked from your Mohs surgeon.  His/her staff should easily be able to tell you their office protocol. 

Brent Spencer, MD
Frisco Dermatologic Surgeon
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Moks surgery

Whether you can drive home after Mohs depends on which anatomical site is involved such as the eye are or forehead or upper cheek which can make the eyekid swell and then you shouldn't drive. If it's your arm or leg you might not be allowed to drive. If you are anxious and feel nervous during the day and feel faint which happens very rarely, then mentally you won't be alert possibly to drive safely.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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