Double Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders. Left Side is Much Bigger - Normal?

i had a double mastectomy on aug 12 and tissue expanders put in right away. the left side has been getting much bigger than right. I had fluid drained on Sept 8 and it was still big so we did a scan did morning and the drs were ready to put a drain back in and no fluid was found. Is that normal? I haven't had any fills yet.

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Displaced tissue expander?

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Another possibility is that the tissue expander on the one side might have rotated out of it's anatomical position making the breast appear larger compared to the other side. If the filling valves are on very different areas on both breasts it would support this potential problem. Exploration might be required.

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Different Sizes of Tissue Expanders

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The size discrepancy can be reconciled at the time of placement of your permanent implants.  You have had a CT scan which I assume did not show any abnormality.  Continue to follow up with your surgeon.

Double Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders. Left Side is Much Bigger - Normal

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Even with a scan you may still have fluid. I think re exploration is the best choice. Discuss this idea with your plastic surgeon. Uneven expanders can occur but there should be a medical reason. Best of Luck

Tissue expanders and mastectomy

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I assume you have the same volume of fluid injected into each tissue expander. One side can always look a bit bigger because of the overlying muscle, underlying skeletal structure, thickness of the soft tissue envelope.  This can be adjusted when the permanent implants are placed.

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