Discoloration on Breast After Reconstruction

I had a bilateral 2001 did not have reconstruction until 2006 have had a few surgeries . recently had a rupture in one breast aand a scar revision on the other breast in March 2010 recently July 15th repaired a rotation in the breast that the rupture was repaired. Today I noticed black and blue discoloration in the other breast.What could this mean?

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Black and blue chest

It is unclear of the timing of the bruising. If this is early post-op, it may just be from surgery. If this is new, it may suggest a hematoma.  Sounds like you are having a lot of issues going on.  Good luck.

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Bruising after surgery

Sorry to hear that you have had some problems after breast reconstruction.  It sounds like you have some bruising after surgery.  The black and blue will hopefully turn into orange/yellow discoloration as skin heals.  However, it may mean that the circulation around the breast is not as healthy either.  You need to go see your plastic surgeon to follow up to make sure that you are healing properly.

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Breast Reconstruction

I am assuming that this breast was operated on recently.  The discoloration would either be bruising from the surgery possibly hematoma or it could be skin changes consistent with vascular supply or lack of.

I would discuss this with your plastic surgeon ASAP.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Black and Blue After Reconstruction

It sounds like you simply have some bruising on that breast, and it should go away with time.  Did you accidentely bump it?  Perhaps it was traumatised during the surgery on the other breast for whatever reason, and now it is just coming to the surface.  This is something you should address with your surgeon, especially if it is painful or getting worse.

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