How Do I Fix a Double Crease Under My Butt?

I Seem to Have a Double Crease Under my Butt, One Line Under the Other. Was Windering How This Would Be Fixed and How Much would it typically cost?? i was born with this.

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Fixing Butt Creases

Thank you for your question. See your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for this area. This area can be very difficult to get right so an experienced surgeon is a must. We have seen many patients who have had this done elsewhere with severe cellulite and dimpling in the area due to overly aggressive liposuction. Some have been from out of the USA, but some domestically as well. Seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is very important. I hope this helps.

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Double crease under the butt...

This is sometimes called a "banana roll"  Usually careful liposuction can help improve this look...but not always. I would need to examine the skin and fat in person to make a good determination. The cost usually runs around $3500 in Miami...


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Dr. Michael in Miami

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The dreaded BANANA.. a double crease eneath the buttocks.

The usual approach is lipo superficial enough to stimulate a little skin shrinkage. The problem is too much skin with enough extra fat to make the buldge result in parallel creases. The best tightening would come from skin and fat excision but at the expense of leaving a long scar. Perhaps the fat that is removed could be re-injected into the upper buttock to add volume and further help the loose skin problem. 


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