I don't like my pointy canine teeth what can I do to fix them? (photo)

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I don't like my pointy canine teeth what can I do to fix them?

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Your dentist has several different ways he could fix the pointy canine teeth.  He could just round and adjust the shape (called "enameloplasty").  He could also place some direct composite bonding or a porcelain veneer.
I once had a patient who had the same complaint...her cuspids were too "pointy" and she wanted me to shorten them.  However, after carefully evaluating her teeth and smile it was obvious to me that it wasn't the length of her cuspids at all, but rather that her four front incisors were too short, making her cuspids appear too long.  After placing porcelain veneers on the four front incisors her smile looked normal and all I had to do was round the sharp point of her cuspids.

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The easiest way to start is try bonding the tooth to make them more in aligned with your other teeth.  It's important you know what your looking for in your smile. Find photos of the teeth you like or smile so you can communicate effectively with your dentist.    

Richard Sprague, DDS
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