Can you make your teeth longer?

My Teeth Are Small , Always Have Been . And I Have Always Wondered Is It Possible To Make Them Longer ? I Wouldn't Say They Are As Small As Baby Teeth , They Are A Little Longer . I Want To Be Able To Smile With Out Thinking Everyone Are Looking At My "Little Baby" Teeth.

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Can you make your teeth longer?

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Yes. Absolutely teeth can be made longer. If you pay attention to bite and speech issues that may arise and design the teeth properly then longer teeth that fit the proportions of your face better can definitely be achieved. Options can include veneering the teeth with either composite bonding or porcelain. Sometimes the teeth are covered by too much gum tissue and can be made longer in appearance simply by removing some of the excess tissue.

Federal Way Dentist

Can you make your teeth longer?

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Yes, cosmetic dentists can make teeth longer and even change their shape with porcelain veneers.  This is most effective on the upper front six or eight teeth, and does not work that well on bottom front teeth.  To make all the teeth longer would involve full mouth reconstruction, which is quite involved and costly.  However, the porcelain veneer treatment may be all that you need to give you a more "adult-like" smile.
Please feel comforted in knowing that your  displeasure on having small teeth and wanting to do something about it is not at all uncommon.  Fortunately, with today's modern cosmetic dentistry techniques those issues can be very successfully treated.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist


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Teeth can definitely be made longer.  There are many options available to you depending on the specific condition of you mouth and why you teeth are short.  I would suggest you find a dentist who is well educated in these options and have an evaluation done.  The two of you can come up with a plan to achieve your goals.  Good luck!

Thomas Roberts, DDS
Seattle Dentist

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