Does Carboxytherapy Work on Stretch Marks?

I've had stretch marks on my arms, forearms and shoulders ever since I was 12 years old. I gained a lot of weight as a pre-teen and teenager and have since lost most of it. I am now 23 and left with these horrible marks. I am an african american female so I am hesitant about using lasers. I've read that carboxytherapy is "the best development in stretch mark treatment in years." Does it really work? Will it work on old stretch marks?

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Depends on what you mean by "work"

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Nothing can get rid of stretch marks other than excising them like we can do in a tummy tuck.  All the other treatments can offer is to lighten them possibly if they are the early purple kind.  Save your money, you will be dissapointed and they won't reimburse you after!

Stretch mark treatment by carboxytherapy does not work

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There is no treatment to get rid of the stretch marks. There are lasers that help the appearance of the stretch marks . The reason for the difficulty in stretch mark treatment is because stretch marks are result of tissue expansion and skin tear from inside.

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