My Doctor Removed 800cc of Fat(fluid Not Included)

My doctor removed 800cc of fat(fluid not included) from the upper/lower abdomen and flanks, is that a lot of fat or very little? I'am 24yrs old 5'9 145lbs previous measurements of 34D-30-36(42 inches when measured around the fullest part of my butt) Will I see any more results? I had my surgery on February 14, 2011 and soon as I got off the table I saw results. I am 12 days post-op and most of the swelling seems to have already subsided with the exception of a few lumps near my belly button.

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Final rsults from lipo

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Yes you will still see changes from your lipo.It is not uncommon to have some lumps post lipo which should resolve over the next several months.The final result can take several months to achieve.

Liposuction and fat removal

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As everyone is different, two people can end up with the same endpoint with which they're both happy but they may have started out with very different sizes. Yet, the one that had less removed, needed less removed and is very happy with their new physique.  Usually there is continued retraction of the skin, dermis and sucutaneous compartments for three to six months after surgery.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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It does sound like a decent amount of fat was removed during your procedure. Your pictures look great and if you only had surgery on Valentine's Day you will continue to enjoy seeing greater results as the weeks go on. Remember to continue to wear your garment so you can have the best results possible. You seem to have been an ideal candidate for the procedure. As far as the lumps around your belly button are concerned, gentle massage may help to smooth them out.

800cc of fat removed via liposuction--It's what's left that counts!

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I have been involved in teaching liposuction for 25 years, and am always amazed that both patients and surgeons focus on the wrong thing! "How much was removed?" is always asked, rather than "How does the patient look now?"

Another example I use is to tell physicians and patients that any idiot with a hammer, chisel, and block of marble can leave marble chips on the floor . . . but how many Michaelangelos are there that can leave a beautiful sculpture amidst all the marble chips?  It's what remains that gives you your appearance, and that is what truly counts. If you started with "more" and had "more" removed (skillfully and with a great post-op appearance), how is that different from removing "less" if you started with "less?"

Whether or not your photo is pre-op or post-op is immaterial, as clearly you are slim and muscular with good skin tone. Two pounds of fatty tissue removed is a very reasonable amount to sculpt an abdomen, but you will have to wait for 4-6 months to achieve your final results and to determine if any touch-up surgery is necessary or advisable. Be patient!

Liposuction result

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Sadly, I'm going to give you an answer you probably won't like.  800 cc's isn't a lot or a little.  It's a number.  Forget about it.  Youv'e got a couple of months to continue healing.  At the end of that time, go back to your surgeon and evaluate your result with him or her.  Here's how you'll know if the surgery was successful:  if the little voice in your head that kept bugging you about your body is gone, the surgery was a success!

Robert K. Sigal, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon

In liposuction, it is what you look like after and not how much fat was removed

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As noted by the other physician respondents, it really isn't what is removed - it is the result that is left after the removal. If you are happy with the results, then the right amount of fat was removed in a correct manner.

Swelling and lumpiness can persist for 6 months or more so you are still early in the healing process.

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